Short definitions

Can you define—or describe—ecological literacy in two sentences or less?

Ecological literacy has so many facets. The challenge of naming what it is as a whole recalls the story of the blind men and the elephant- -each one touches and describes a different part! Maybe coming up with several definitions will be a means to “chip away” at getting a multi-layered sense of this multi-layered concept, where together “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”!

The challenge of the 2 sentence length is deliberate. Long definitions can weary the mind, even though we need them for certain purposes! Can you come up with a definition that would make sense to—or perhaps challenge! —a colleague down the hall or a neighbour who lives next door? 

Steve Bibla produced a single sentence for the Indispensable Guide a few years ago that I’ve never forgotten:

“Ecological literacy without action is like music without sound.”

Devise your own or find one that you can add!


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