What exactly do we mean by ecological literacy? And what does it “look like” when it pops up in our classrooms and outdoor learning spaces?

It turns out that there is a wide range of interpretations. This blog exists to capture those different ideas and approaches.

Our EcoSchools staff has just begun its own Ecoliteracy Professional Learning Community The one common understanding that we all share is that becoming ecologically literate entails a new way of thinking. Beyond that, differences will emerge. And that will be healthy.

You might ask “thinking how?” “about what?” We’ll include touchstone articles like Fritjof Capra’s “Community and Ecology” as a place to look for some of those answers.

We’ll also pass along some of the best ideas coming out of our PLC meetings. And we plan to share stories of pedagogical practices in classrooms—plus lessons, ideas for units, and what works well when planning collaboratively with colleagues (EcoSchools, Section 4).

The gems we uncover as we work will also find a place here. Some will be categorized as “Lesson Enrichment,” some as “Tools for Critical Thinking.” Diana Suzuki, who is managing the blog, called the desmogblog.com “a high school teacher’s dream” —a great resource for sparking debate in secondary science and geography classes as well as media literacy.

This blog is brand new. We expect it to evolve a lot over time. We welcome your comments about anything you read, and also suggestions you have for things that aren’t here yet! We look forward to hearing from you. WRITE SOON!!!

       Eleanor Dudar
       Ecoschools Specialist


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