Here’s a source of solid research and opinion on green issues that some of you may already know. This very active blog is content-rich. Started in 2006 by Canadian public relations guru Jim Hoggan, it dissects the half-truths and outright lies that surround climate change. These opinions do not necessarily represent the opinions of the Ecolit Blog writers, but it is a treasure trove worth sharing. Hoogan’s critical thinking (Dec. 6) lays bare the fallacies in Margaret Wente’s December 1 Globe and Mail column about climate change science, in which he links to an April 18th post by Chris Mooney on “motivated reasoning” which accounts for the psychology of climate change deniers. Like Daniel Kahnemen in Thinking Fast and Slow, this perspective cautions against assuming that all “logic” is rational. In a Dec. 4 post, David Suzuki also looks at “twisted logic” and the ethics, of nature’s opponents. Lots of food for thought—and lively debate!